With any surface a level of maintenance is required to keep your block paving looking good.

  • Sweep occasionally to remove dust and debris.
  • If you find green algae building up on the surface, it can be safely removed by cleaning with a mild detergent.
  • We recommend that block paving be treated once or twice a year with a general weed killer to deter moss and weeds from germinating in the joints.
  • Use of a pressure washer should be limited to very dirty surfaces and no more than once a year, as the high-power water jet loosens jointing and may damage some paving.
  • Gently sweep in kiln dried joint filling sand if any has been lost.

Clay blocks are generally more prone to an algal build-up on the surface than concrete blocks. As this can become quite slippery, any build up should be removed regularly (spring and autumn) by cleaning.

Oil spillages can be difficult to remove. There are many different products on the market but our preferred product is the biological oil stain remover OT8. In extreme cases blocks can be lifted and replaced.

There are a wide range of sealants available to protect the completed paving and these can help to repel oil, dirt and weeds. Always try a test area first as most sealants will alter the appearance of the blocks.



The Block Paving Company offers a full restoration sevice. This can include:

  • Power washing the surface.
  • Replacing any damaged and/or oil stained blocks.
  • Lifting and relaying any sunken areas.
  • Treating with a weed killer.
  • Re-jointing with kiln dried sand.
  • Sealing the area.

Please contact us for full details and to obtain a quotation.